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R14226 Compatible Lift-Off Tape

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Item #: DPSR14226
by Dataproducts®
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  • For use with Panasonic® and Olivetti® typewriters.
  • Economical, easy-to-install lift-off tape.

Product Details

R14226 Compatible Lift-Off Tape, Clear

This product fits the following machines:

Panasonic KX-R Series
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R190
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R191
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R193
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R194
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R195
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R196
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R200
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R210
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R250
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R300
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R310
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R315
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R320
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R330
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R335
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R340
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R350
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R355
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R375
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R430
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R435
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R440
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R445
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R520
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R530
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R535
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R540
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R550
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R560
Panasonic KX-R Series KX-R800
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1000
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1025
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1030
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1500
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1505
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1510
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1525
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1550
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W1555
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W900
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W905
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-W955
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-WD55
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-WL45
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-WL50
Panasonic KX-W Series KX-WL55
Panasonic Pers. Wordproc. W1500
Panasonic W1000
Panasonic W1025
Panasonic W1500
Panasonic W1510
Panasonic W1550
Panasonic W900
3M/Imation 200
3M/Imation 400
3M/Imation 600
3M/Imation 800
3M/Imation 900
3M/Imation M200
Aires Syntra
AlphaCom DP2000
Antares 6000
Assmann 2000
AT&T 7500
AT&T 7500S
Atari SDU 121
Atari SDU 124
Atari XDM 121
Axiom Elite 15
Axiom Elite 5
Axiom Elite 5 CD
BDP Ltd. WP 572
BMC International PB-401
C. Itoh 1000
C. Itoh 3000
CardCo LQ1
CardCo LQ3
CardCo PR1
CardCo PR2
CardCo PR3
Centronics CFT 2155
Commodore 2000 NS
Commodore 2022
Concord 1100
Concord 1200
Concord 1220
Concord 1900
Concord 2000
Contitronix 1100
Contitronix 1200
Contitronix 1220
Contitronix 1900
Contitronix 2000
Contitronix 2330
Contitronix Concorde 1900
Contitronix Concorde 2000
Epson DX-10
Epson DX-20
Epson DX-35
Esselte Scribona 12
Esselte Scribona 22
Esselte Scribona 23
Esselte Scribona 30
Esselte Scribona 40
Exxon 200
Exxon 210
Facit T 425
Facit T 465
Gestetner PR-5500
Hermes 28
Hermes 29
Hermes 30
Hermes 31
Hermes 34
Hermes 35
Hermes H-30
Hermes H-31
Hermes H-34
Hermes H-35
Hermes Toptronic 21
Hermes Toptronic 30
Hermes Toptronic 34
HOH 1000
HOH 3000
HOH 5000
Howard Industries Typrinter 221
Infotec Malice 1200
Infotec Malice 1900
Infotec Malice 2000
Kardex 118
Kardex 208
Kardex 218
Kardex 308
Kardex 608
Kardex Remstar 108
Kardex Remstar 117
Kardex Remstar 208
Kardex Remstar 308
Kardex Remstar 608
Konica Minolta EW401
Konica Minolta EW501
Morrow 100 MP
Morrow 200 MP
Morrow 300
Morrow MP110
NEC 15 LQ Authentic
NEC Authentic 15LQ
NEC LQ-15-5055A
Olivetti 201
Olivetti 221
Olivetti 231
Olivetti 243 Tescart
Olivetti 351
Olivetti 545/E
Olivetti 548/S
Olivetti 90C - Lexikon
Olivetti 92C - Lexikon
Olivetti 93C - Lexikon
Olivetti 94C - Lexikon
Olivetti DY 211
Olivetti DY 311
Olivetti DY 811
Olivetti ET 101
Olivetti ET 1010-WP
Olivetti ET 1020-WP
Olivetti ET 1030-WP
Olivetti ET 109
Olivetti ET 110
Olivetti ET 111
Olivetti ET 112
Olivetti ET 115
Olivetti ET 116
Olivetti ET 117
Olivetti ET 118
Olivetti ET 119
Olivetti ET 121
Olivetti ET 125
Olivetti ET 201
Olivetti ET 202
Olivetti ET 211
Olivetti ET 221
Olivetti ET 225
Olivetti ET 231
Olivetti ET 240
Olivetti ET 250
Olivetti ET 251
Olivetti ET 351
Olivetti ET 401
Olivetti ET 501
Olivetti ET 545
Olivetti ET 548
Olivetti ET 621
Olivetti ET 701
Olivetti Etcart
Olivetti ETS 1010
Olivetti ETS 1020
Olivetti ETV 240
Olivetti ETV 240 Plus
Olivetti ETV 250
Olivetti ETV 260
Olivetti ETV 300
Olivetti ETV 3000
Olivetti ETV 500
Olivetti ETZ 250
Olivetti ETZ 450
Olivetti Lexikon 90
Olivetti Lexikon 90 C
Olivetti Lexikon 92
Olivetti Lexikon 92 C
Olivetti Lexikon 93
Olivetti Lexikon 93 C
Olivetti Lexikon 94
Olivetti Lexikon 94 C
Olivetti PR 420
Olivetti PR 430
Olivetti PR 450
Olivetti PR 505
Olivetti PR 540
Olivetti PR 550
Olivetti TES 1000
Olivetti TES 351
Olivetti TES 401
Olivetti TES 501
Olivetti TES 601
Olivetti TES 621
Olivetti TES 701
Olivetti WP 1020
Olivetti WP 1030
Panasonic FX-1800 TS
Panasonic Jetwriter 500 B
Panasonic Jetwriter 500 BD
Panasonic Jetwriter I
Panasonic Jetwriter I E
Panasonic Jetwriter II
Panasonic Jetwriter II E
Panasonic Jetwriter III
Panasonic Jetwriter IV
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E2000
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E2020
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E2500
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E3000
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E3008
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E3100
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E400
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E4000
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E4000 i
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E4020
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E4020 i
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E408
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E4500
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E500
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E500 E
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E508
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E508 E
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E601
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E603
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E700 M
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E700 MF
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7000
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7000 CB1
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7000 CB2
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7000 CB3
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7000 CB4
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7000 CB6
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7000 i
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E701
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E708
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7500
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E7500 S
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E8000
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-E828
Panasonic KX-E Series KX-EP35
Remington 1700
Remington 1750
Remington 20
Remington Rand 1700
Remington Rand 20
Remington Remstar 108
Remington Remstar 208
Remington Remstar 308
Remington Remstar 608
Remington Typewriter 20
Remstar 108
Remstar 119
Remstar 208
Remstar 208S
Remstar 218
Remstar 219
Remstar 308
Remstar 608
Sanko DY211
Sanko DY311
Sanko T/WS
Sanyo 4000
Sanyo 4050
Sanyo PR 3100
Sanyo Serd 3000
Sanyo Serd 3100
Scribona 12
Scribona 22
Scribona 23
Seikosha Elites
Sharp PA Series PA-3300
Sharp PA Series PA-3320
Sharp PA Series PA-3330
Sharp Sharpwriter
Sharp XQ Series XQ 315
Sharp XQ Series XQ 320
Sharp XQ Series XQ 325
Sharp XQ Series XQ 340
Sharp XQ Series XQ 345
Sharp XQ Series XQ 345 A
Sharp XQ Series XQ 355
Sharp XQ Series XQ 360
Sharp XQ Series XQ 370
Sharp XQ Series XQ 370 A
Sharp XQ Series XQ 380
Sharp XQ Series XQ 380 A
Sharp ZX Series ZX 200
Sharp ZX Series ZX 300
Sharp ZX Series ZX 320
Sharp ZX Series ZX 325
Sharp ZX Series ZX 330
Sharp ZX Series ZX 331
Sharp ZX Series ZX 340
Sharp ZX Series ZX 350
Sharp ZX Series ZX 360
Sharp ZX Series ZX 370
Sharp ZX Series ZX 400
Sharp ZX Series ZX 400 CL
Sharp ZX Series ZX 403
Sharp ZX Series ZX 405
Sharp ZX Series ZX 405 A
Sharp ZX Series ZX 410
Sharp ZX Series ZX 415
Sharp ZX Series ZX 416
Sharp ZX Series ZX 420
Sharp ZX Series ZX 426
Sharp ZX Series ZX 440
Sharp ZX Series ZX 500
Sharp ZX Series ZX 505
Sharp ZX Series ZX 507
Sharp ZX Series ZX 510
Sharp ZX Series ZX 515
Sharp ZX Series ZX 515 M
Sharp ZX Series ZX 525
Sharp ZX Series ZX 550
Sharp ZY-1000
Sharp ZY-1000 S
Silver Reed Series 2
Silver Reed Series 3
Syntrex Aquarius I
Syntrex Aquarius II
Syntrex Aries I
Teal 302
Teal 308
Teal 320
TEC TW-4000
TEC TW-5000
TEC TW-6000
Transtar 120
Transtar 130
Underwood 5500
Underwood 6500
Underwood 7500
Underwood 8000
Underwood 8500
Utax T 2000
Utax T 2200
Utax T 2300
Utax T 2500
Vivitar T120
Vivitar T130
Vutype 20 CPS
Vutype 40 CPS
Wordtronix Sheriff
Wordtronix Typerighter 20
Wordtronix Typerighter 35
Xymec HY Q1000

For use with Panasonic® and Olivetti® typewriters. Economical, easy-to-install lift-off tape.

Dimensions / Specifications
Unit of Measure BX
Item Dimensions 1.40 in. x 2.75 in. x 4.60 in. (W x H x D)
Item Weight 0.150 lbs
Box Pack Quantity 6 EA
Box Pack Dimensions 1.40 in. x 2.75 in. x 4.60 in. (W x H x D)
Box Pack Weight 0.150 lbs
Carton Pack Quantity 288 EA
Carton Pack Dimensions 9.75 in. x 8.25 in. x 13.00 in. (W x H x D)
Carton Pack Weight 7.200 lbs
This item is sold by the BX which contains 6 EA
Shipping Info
Can Ship via UPS? Yes
Can Ship via Air Carrier? Yes
Hazmat restrictions? No
Additional Information
Considered Green (less environmental impact)? No
Made of Some or All Recycled Materials? No
Warranty Offered? Yes
Warranty Comments Manufacturer's limited one-year warranty.
Underwriter's Laboratory Approval? No
Item Specifications
Brand Dataproducts®
Global Product Type Ink/Correction Ribbons
Device Types Typewriter
Color(s) Clear
OEM/Compatible Compatible
Ribbon Type Lift-Off Correction
Material(s) Film
Ribbon Width 1 in
For Use With Olivetti®;Panasonic® typewriters
Manufacturer Info
Brand Dataproducts®
Brand Contact 800-464-0272
Warranty Offered? y
Manufacturer Stock No. R14226
Retail UPC 032929610572
Country of Origin CN
UNSPSC Number 00441026
Meets ANSI/BIFMA? 032929610572
Product ID 9267386

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