How to choose a writing pad

Posted on October 13, 2009 by Chase Murdey

When choosing a writing pad, there are three major points to consider: pad size, binding style, and rules & formatting. has provided the following one-stop guide to writing pads to allow you to choose the perfect pad for your project.

Writing Pad Size Chart

5" x 8"

Junior Size Writing Pads

8½" x  11"

Letter Size Writing Pads

8½" x 14"

Legal Pads

6" x 9"

Steno Pads

Common Writing Pad Bindings

Gummed Top Writing Pads

Glue Top Writing Pads

Light adhesive binding allows for clean sheet removal.

Perforated Writing Pads

Perforated Writing Pads

Perforated tear-away edges allow sheets to stay in place until you want to remove them.

Spiral Notebooks

Spiral Notebooks

Allows sheets to stay in place permanently, if needed.

Writing Pad Rule Sizes & Formats

Legal Rule Writing Pads Rule
11/32" spacing between ruling lines. Standard ruling for legal and law applications. Not quite as wide as Wide Rule.

Wide Rule Notebooks 
3/8" spacing between horizontal lines, with a vertical margin drawn about 1¼" from the left-hand edge of the page. Commonly used by those with larger handwriting.

Medium/College Rule Notebooks 
9/32" spacing between ruling lines. Perfect for those who need more information in a tighter space.

Narrow Rule Notebooks 
¼" spacing between ruling lines.

Quadrille Pads
Ruled paper, horizontal and vertical lines that are evenly spaced over the entire page, creating a grid of squares. Available in different rule sizes.

Litigation Rule Writing Pads 
Ruled paper, unique format with two sections, each with a smaller left margin for concise note taking.

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