A guide to manual and electric staplers

Posted on January 7, 2010 by Frankye Robinson

Office staplers are so ubiquitous, it's easy to under-think the purchase. There are four main types of staplers: basic desktop staplers, electric staplers, heavy-duty staplers and specialty staplers. While it's tempting to just grab the first (and least expensive) stapler model you come across, there are a few thing to consider before making your purchase:

  1. How many people will use the stapler.
  2. How often you have to staple documents in your office.
  3. How many sheets you usually have to staple together. 
  4. What sort of documents you regularly staple. Will you need to
    assemble booklets, brochures or magazines?

Each of the four main stapler styles are designed to meet different needs, and feature a variety of auxiliary options. 

Basic Desktop Staplers

Desktop staplers can handle up to 70 sheets at a time and are great for the everyday work needs of any home, school or small office.

Bonus Desktop Stapler Features

Electric Staplers

Nothing beats electric staplers for fast, effortless stapling. Electric staplers can handle up to 80 sheets at a time, so they are perfect for offices that regularly collate large documents.

Bonus Electric Stapler Features

Heavy Duty Staplers

With sheet capacities of up to 215 pages, heavy-duty staplers are great for shared work spaces and high-capacity users.

Bonus Heavy Duty Stapler Features

Specialty Staplers

Specialty Staplers are designed for offices with unique fastening needs.

Top Specialty Stapler Styles

  • Plier Staplers are designed for easy tag attachment.
  • Long Reach Staplers have adjustable throats and ruler guides for precise staple placement on over-sized documents.
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