Best 3-Ring Binders for Practice and Performance

Posted on May 24, 2018 by Alyssa Ochs

As we described in All About 3-Ring Binders: Types, Features, and How to Choose the Right One, there are many niche uses for 3-ring binders.

For example, we were recently contacted by a customer who was a composer, music director, and accompanist looking for 3-ring binders for her sheet music. After printing out all of the songs that she had written for a musical, she was having trouble finding 3-ring binders that allowed her to turn the pages quickly and smoothly while playing through each piece. This is because the rings weren't staying closed properly and gapping open to allow the sheets to slip out of the rings. This would have been absolutely disastrous during a show if the sheets fell out during a performance and in front of a live audience! 

Fortunately, our very own CEO, Miles Young, was able to help the pianist by not only recommending a few specific binders for this purpose, but also shipping three gap-free binders to her to try out at no cost. The sample binders arrived the very next day, so the pianist was able to use them for that night’s rehearsal for her musical.

Types of Practice and Performance Binders 

Although this pianist situation is a great example of how practice and performance binders can be used, their utility isn’t limited to just the music industry. Theatrical actors, dancers, storytellers, comedians, presenters, and keynote speakers can all make good use of this type of 3-ring binder too. Something that sets practice and performance binders apart from other types of binders is that many of them can accommodate plastic sleeves to place papers inside and keep them protected with frequent use.

Key Features of a 3-Ring Practice/Performance Binder

These are some of the most important features to look for in a 3-ring binder that you’ll be using for practice or performance purposes: 


  • Gap-free rings for smooth page turning
  • Extra metal piece inside ring connector to hold it together and prevent gapping
  • Ability to hold plastic sleeves for easy page turning 
  • One-touch easy open feature 
  • Clear cover sleeve for identification and presentation 
  • Thin and lightweight enough to hold easily

Recommended 3-Ring Binders for Practice and Performance  

Based on our customer’s experience with sample binders provided by OnTimeSupplies, here are our top two recommendations for practice and performance binders: 


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