How to Pick Folders for Archival Documents & Long-Term Storage

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Alyssa Ochs

There are certain documents that you need readily accessible and at your fingertips at a moment's notice. Other documents are less useful on a day-to-day basis but still need to be kept for record-keeping, legal, or tax purposes. These files are often shoved into filing cabinets and stacks of Bankers Boxes in the back corners of offices. But what many people don't realize is that certain types of folders are better for this type of storage than others.

This buying guide was created for professionals who could use a little guidance on which file folders are best for archival documents and long-term storage. Key features, like durability and resilience to environmental conditions, make these specialty folder recommendations stand out.

Topics Covered in this Buying Guide

1. Antimicrobial File Folders

No one likes to think that office environments will be subjected to moist or damp conditions. But the truth of the matter is that we have no way of knowing what will become of storage environments over time. To protect long-term storage documents, just in case, choose antimicrobial file folders for anything that will be likely stored for a year or longer.

Much like antimicrobial products you use around your home, these folders are designed to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. This is very important because pathogens have a way to damaging and compromising the contents of folders if they are not made with protective materials.

Recommended Antimicrobial File Folders for Long-Term Storage

2. Archival Quality File Folders

Anyone who has pulled old documents out of long-term storage has probably noticed that the paper has become a little yellow and that the text is slightly faded. The chemicals that are used to print documents tend to deteriorate the paper over time.

However, archival quality file folders are designed to prevent this type of yellowing and fading to preserve documents and help them remain legible and professional. These specialty file folders are made with materials that are free of acids and lignin to keep documents looking as fresh and new as the day you filed them away.

Recommended Archival Quality Folders

3. Water-Resistant File Folders

Let's face it - accidents happen, especially in busy office and school environments. Another type of specialty file folder is the water-resistant folder. Not only does this one comes in handy for spilled beverages on your desk, but also to prevent water damage for documents in long-term storage. When documents are protected inside of these folders, all it takes is a quick wipe to remove liquids and prevent them from seeping inside.

Recommended Water-Resistant Folders for Long-Term Storage

4. Index-Friendly Folders

While there are many tab options available for file folders, one of the very best options to choose for long-term storage is the 1/5 cut tab file folder. With these, the tabs are 1/5 of the folder's width and staggered in sets of five. This particular tab style is ideal for alphabetical and numerical indexing, a practice often used for archiving documents with detailed information to store away.

Recommended 1/5 Cut Tab Folders for Archival Documents

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