Office Paper Buying Guide

Posted on October 13, 2009 by Chase Murdey

Shop Office Paper at On Time Supplies.Whether you are printing vivid color documents or important proposals, or just making copies of general office documents, the right office paper elevates any project.  Some factors to consider before you place your office paper order are paper weight, brightness, recycled content and the availability of specialty papers for specific tasks.

Paper Brightness

"Brightness" refers to a specific measure of how much light a sheet of paper reflects. The U.S. uses the GE/Tappi scale and is a different brightness measurement system than the International scale. The comparison scale below, along with the new brightness icon, will guide you through the different numbers.

U.S. (GE/Tappi) Scale 92 Brightness 96 Brightness 98 Brightness
International (Int'l.) Scale 102-106 108-112 113-117

The higher the brightness rating, the sharper the print. Color documents should be printed on office paper with a minimum 96 brightness. General office documents only require 92 brightness office paper

Office Paper Weights

Office paper ranges from 20 lbs. to 32 lbs. These numbers indicate the weight of an 500 sheets. Between 24-28 lbs. is fine for general office documents. The heavier weight work best for for color documents. 

Most Common Office Paper Styles

Inkjet Printer Paper

Inkjet Printer Paper

These paper choices feature fast-dry coatings and paper surface treatments to resist smearing and provide high-quality results.

Laser Printer Paper

Laser Printer Paper

Higher brightness and excellent toner adherence—along with the smoothness and opacity required to produce excellent results in laser and color copier applications.

Multipurpose/Copy Paper

Copy Paper

Traditional copy paper—generally the least expensive option for everyday use on most types of office machines.

Photo Paper

Photo Paper

Professional coatings produce the same results from an inkjet printer as you’d expect to receive from a photo lab. 

Fine Stationery

Fine Stationery

Traditional stationery grade paper is made with special linen and parchment finishes or cotton content. 

Computer Paper

Computer Paper

Traditional “Dot-Matrix” paper (also called continuous-feed and color bar paper) that’s specifically made for printers that use a “pin-fed“ design.

Eco-Friendly Office Paper

Recycled Office Paper

Recycled Office Paper

Recycled paper requires less water, energy and fewer chemicals to manufacture. Look for the recycled symbol and recycled less water and energy in man

Green Seal Certified Office Paper

Green Seal Sertifice Office Paper

All Green Seal Certified paper meets strict minimum standards for recycled and chemical content:

 - At least 30% post-consumer fiber;
- Post-consumer fiber is not de-inked with any solvent containing chlorine; 
- The bleaching agent for any virgin fiber does not contain chlorine or its derivatives.

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