These Are the Best File Folders for Daily, Heavy Use

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Alyssa Ochs

In today's busy office or school classroom, there are certain supplies, like file folders, that get used much more frequently than others. Pencils, pens, folders, and binders are often used on a daily basis, while things like label makers and easels may be used only for special presentations.

One of the most frequently used supplies that our customers buy are file folders because of how versatile these products are for document organization and storage. Although it's a common misconception that all file folders are the same, there are actually many different styles to choose from with features that are designed for specific purposes. If you use file folders on a regular basis, follow this buying guide closely, because these are the best folders for daily, heavy use.

Topics Covered in this Buying Guide

1. Pressboard File Folders

One of the very best types of file folders to buy if you need to use them regularly is the pressboard file folder. The ultra-durable design of pressboard material is made to stand up to the challenges of big files and busy offices. These folders have a heavyweight structure and are very resistant to wear and tear. They are also excellent folders to have on-hand if you need to transport documents back and forth from the office for business meetings or to work from home.

Recommended Pressboard File Folders

2. Manilla File Folders

Manilla folders might seem too simple for a very specific purpose, but they are actually great choices for heavy use. This is because manilla file folders are sturdy and can effectively resist minor smears and smudges. They are even durable enough to prevent minor tears and folds too. To create this level of durability, many styles of manilla folders are made from heavyweight stock. Something else that makes manilla file folders great is their low cost, especially if you need to use a large quantity of folders in your line of work.

Recommended Manilla File Folders

3. Poly File Folders

Another excellent material for heavy use file folders is polypropylene. This type of folder has a plastic feel to it and is typically even more durable than heavyweight stock. Ideal for filing and transport, poly file folders offer extreme document protection and can withstand tears and moisture. Poly folders often come in bright colors, which can help you quickly identify the folder you need in an overstuffed drawer or filing cabinet.

Recommended Poly File Folders

4. ⅓ Cut Tab File Folders

When it comes to file folders, the most popular tab cut of file folders is the ⅓ cut right tab. These tabs are staggered in sets of three and really enhance the visibility of your labels. For folders that you need to locate and access every day, the ⅓ cut tab cut is ideal because of its simplicity and convenience.

Recommended ⅓ Cut Tab File Folders

5. Bulk File Folders

But regardless of which which style of file folder you decide on, it's often a wise idea to buy folders that you use regularly in bulk. Chances are that once you find a great durable folder that suits your needs, you'll want to keep using it for many months and even years to come. Significant cost savings comes with buying in bulk, but just make sure that you absolutely love the style of folder and before buying a big box of them.

Here are a couple of our many file folder styles that are sold in bulk. Many of the heavy use file folders that we have recommended above have bulk pricing options as well to help you keep costs down and stay within your budget.

Recommended Bulk File Folders

If you have questions about any of the file folders you see on our site, we encourage you to reach out to us before you place your order. As you can see, many factors can influence your decision to buy one style of file folder over another, and we're here to help you make the best decision for for your office.

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