How to choose the best ergonomic keyboard trays & drawers

Posted on October 8, 2009 by Chase Murdey

You spend several hours working at your desk everyday, so it's important to pay attention to proper ergonomics. Keyboard trays and drawers help keep your wrists straight, the best typing position.

There are three factors to consider when choosing your keyboard tray or drawer:

Style: Can your office desk accommodate a keyboard tray or drawer?
Workspace: How is your workstation furniture configured?
Adjustability: Do you need an adjustable platform?

Use this guide to select the best keyboard platform for your office.

Keyboard Platform/Drawer Basics

Keyboard Tray vs. Keyboard Drawer

There are a couple differences between keyboard trays and keyboard drawers.

Keyboard Drawers

Innovera Keyboard Drawer

Discreet & easy to install. Some keyboard drawers sit on your desk and require no installation at all.

Keyboard Trays

HOn Keyboard Platform

Offer the most flexibility and ergonomic benefit. All models require a drill to attach.

Whether you choose a keyboard tray or a keyboard drawer, it needs to fit your office desk in two areas: the glide track and the keyboard/mouse tray.

What's my size? 

Glide Track: measure your desk depth first. The glide track must not exceed that length.
Keyboard and Mouse Tray:  measure the width of your workstation. The keyboard tray must not exceed that length.

Keyboard Tray/Drawer Styles

Do you have a corner computer desk, standard straight office desk or L-shaped workstation? While there is significant overlap, some keyboard platforms are best suited to specific workstation configurations.

Keyboard platforms for curved corner computer desks.

Curved Corner

Keyboard platforms for corner computer desks.

Diagnonal Corner

Keyboard Platforms for standard office desks.


Keyboard Platforms for L-Shaped Workstations.


Keyboard Tray/Drawer Adjustability

Many keyboard platforms have adjustable features that allow you to position your keyboard at the most comfortable height and angle.

Raise or lower keyboard height

Increase or decrease keyboard angle

Position mouse platform over numeric keypad

Raise or lower mouse height

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