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This item works fine for us for cutting paper, but our papers do not always lay flat and the laser function does not work properly unless the paper lays flat on the surface.

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will the 109043 ROTARY PAPER CUTTER - GRAY, 37" W cut 36" wide paper? not sure what 37" base means in paper width.
asked by Howard Harrison on April 8, 2013

Thanks for your question about the Skilcraft Rotary Paper Cutter.  This trimmer is specially designed for light-weight trimming such as tissue paper, mylar, vellum and other light weight papers and can accommodate documents up to 37 inches.  With the use of various blades you can apply different cuts to the paper such as wavy cuts, perforations, or to just score the paper without cutting it.  This is an excellent trimmer for office or home use and is considered extremely safe and reliable.


Remember, On Time Supplies carries over 40,000 office supplies at discounted prices with most items ready to ship the same day.  We pride ourselves in offering world-class customer service and look forward to serving you.


Have a great day!



answered by On Time Supplies (Retailer) on April 8, 2013
Do the cutting stick have to be replace at any time? If so, where can they be purchase.
asked by Stephanie on September 19, 2012

Thank you for your question.


The Premier Commercial Paper Cutter has replacement blades available.  The part number is WRA007007.  This is not an item we normally stock but we can special order it for you as needed.


Remember, On Time Supplies carries over 40,000 office supplies at discounted prices with most items ready to ship the same day.  We pride ourselves on offering world-class customer service and look forward to serving you.


Have a great day!




answered by On Time Supplies (Retailer) on September 19, 2012
i need somthing that can trim my images on paper larger that standard letter size paper. (larger than 8.5x11) i'm confused because it says the base is 13x19 but the blade length is only 12"? how big a sheet can this cut?also what does the self-sharpening blade ential? how does this work? lifespan? i'm producing images for resale so i need GOOD quality cutting, is this a good brand? please let me know asap so i can order!!
asked by sarah on May 27, 2012

Hi Sarah,

Thank you very much for your questions and we are happy to answer your questions regarding the ClassicCut Lite Paper Trimmer.  This item does have a 13"W x 19"L board that uses a 12" cutting blade arm.  Here is how the self-sharpening blade works.  As the sharpening blade comes down to cut the paper it makes contact with the board and the board has a metal edge that will sharpen the blade.  


The Classic Cut Lite Paper Trimmer is considered a light weight trimmer and we would recommend to someone who is cutting a couple of pages or pictures.  Perfect for someone who is scrapbooking.


Swingline is an excellent brand.  They have been making trimmers for over 35 years, we have been an authorized deal with them for 8 years, and we have thousands of customers who love their products.  They also have a great 10 year warranty on all their parts, except in the case of the trimmer, the blades are not covered under their manufacturer warranty.


I looked around for several of the Swingline items that I would recommend and I will explain my recommendations.     


1.  The Classic Cut Pro Paper Trimmer.  It is a 18" x 18" trimmer, has an 18" cutting arm.  Has the same features as the other ClassicCut Lite Trimmer.  Plus it is considered a "commercial grade" because it is more sturdy, and made for heavy use.


2.  The Classic Cut Laser Trimmer .  This trimmer is 12" x 15" and has a 15" cutting arm.  Commerical grade, same safety features as above.  The main difference is that it is a little smaller and it does have a laser guide to help you with your cutting.


3.  Finally, if you are not "in-love" with any of my choices here are all our "Paper Cutters and Paper Trimmers."  I am going to give you a great helpful tip.  Go to the attributes on the right hand side because you can narrow your choices by amount of paper you are cutting, size of the base, cut length, etc.  I am sure you know that you get what you pay for anything, and paper trimmers are no exception.  I hope that you pick a good one and it stays with you for a long time!


I hope that you find this reply helpful.   Sorry about the delay with the reply, we were swamped after the Memorial Day orders!  Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you and we appreciate your great questions.





answered by On Time Supplies (Retailer) on May 27, 2012
Can you tell me if there is a replacement blade made for this model of X-Acto paper trimmer?
asked by Tom on January 8, 2012

Hi Tom,

Thank you for your question to check and see if there was a replacement blade for the X-acto 26315.  I am sorry to tell you that there is no replacement blade for this item, the manufacturer does not make one for this model.  

Here is a link to all of our replacement bades and if you decide that you would like a new trimmer here is the link to all of our trimmer boards we stock for 1-2 day shipments.  

I hope that this helps and please note we have over 40,000 office supplies for quick shipment and BULK orders.  We also offer live customer support and great pricing!

Thanks again!


answered by On Time Supplies (Retailer) on January 8, 2012
I need blades for this-what is the replacement blade number
asked by Anonymous on January 3, 2012

Thank you for your question.


The SmartCut Commercial Heavy Duty Rotary Trimmer allows you to tackle large-size projects with the generous wide-format cutting length. The rotary cutting action helps prevent bending and tearing so you get a clean and concise cut every time. The stainless steel blades allow to get through jobs quickly by cutting in both directions.The transparent cutting guide allows a clear view of your cutting path for accurate cuts. Replacement blades are SWI9613RB.



answered by On Time Supplies (Retailer) on January 3, 2012

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