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I have a pop-up golf dispenser. I need to know how to refill to the dispenser. tks
asked by kotohito furutani on September 29, 2016

Please use the following steps to load the Pop-Up Notes Golf Dispenser: First, turn the dispenser over to check for small hole opening on the bottom back side of the dispenser. If the opening is there, press tab in and up toward the back of the dispenser. (It works like a little latch). This should allow you to release the cover and lift it off the base. You can then place your new pad of Pop-up Notes in the dispenser with one sheet feeding up through the cover slot to start. Put the cover back in place pressing down and slightly forward toward the club face to lock it back into place. IF the dispenser does NOT have a small opening/tab on the bottom back side, then follow these instructions: 1) In order to remove the lid from the dispenser, place the dispenser in the palm of your hand club-face toward you and bottom resting flat on your palm. While holding the bottom of the dispenser with one hand, insert the thumb of your other hand into the notes slot and pull backward and slightly up simultaneously. 2) Once the dispenser is open, place one pad of Post-It(R) Pop-Up Notes into the top of the now opened dispenser, then feed the top sheet from the pad through the slot on the top cover. Make sure you are using Post-It(R) Pop-Up Notes and not the standard Post-It(R) Notes, as the standard notes do not have the alternating adhesive format and will not pop-up properly. *Please note that we recommend that you use one pad at a time. 3) After the pad has been loaded into the dispenser, you can close the dispenser by lining up the top cover, then pressing it downward and sliding forward until it locks back into place. You should hear an audible click.

answered by Connie ( on October 3, 2016
Can we customize these??
asked by Lindsey on October 16, 2012

Hi Lindsey!


Thanks for your question.  Unfortunately, this dispenser is not customizable however, Post-it has their own line of customizable dispensers and note pads.  Also, you should note that we are happy to sell you our stock and you can take them to a printer but we do not do any custom printing ourselves.


Remember, On Time Supplies carries over 40,000 office supplies at discounted prices with most items ready to ship the same day.  We pride ourselves on offering world-class customer service and look forward to serving you.


Have a great day!




answered by On Time Supplies (Retailer) on October 16, 2012
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