Tips for Cleaning & Repairing Solid Wood Desks

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Alyssa Ochs

There's nothing more classic and elegant than beautiful wood furniture to fill your professional office space. Wooden desks come in many different shapes and sizes and are specially designed for certain types of work. Perhaps you've set up your workstation at a writing desk, computer desk, executive desk, or credenza desk. All of these desk styles require regular dusting and cleaning, but before choosing a product, you'll want to confirm that your desk actually is solid wood and not a wood veneer or synthetic alternative.

The purpose of this buying guide is to provide practical and helpful tips for cleaning and protecting solid wood desks around the office. Now all you'll have to do is clear off some of that clutter to get to put these recommended products to use!

Topics Covered in this Buying Guide

1. Endust Dusting Spray

Dusting might sound like a dull chore, but a dust on a desk does more than just dull its appearance. Dust is abrasive and can harm wood surfaces when not cleaned away from time to time. Dust left to accumulate on a desk for long periods of time can encourage scratches to form with normal use.

Simply using a soft dusting cloth can help keep your wood desk protected and looking beautiful. But may be easier and more effective to use a dusting spray, like Endust. Between thorough wood cleanings or about once per week, try dusting all parts your desk with Endust. We love this product because it doesn't contain wax or silicon like many other furniture polishes. Both wax and silicon tend to leave residue behind, making your desk look uneven and destroying the finish over time.

This aerosol formula removes dust, dirt and fingerprints from wood desks, and you can use it as often as needed. Stand back and admire the dust-free, no-residue finish you just revealed under all that mess!

2. Dry Dust Wiping Cloths

Another great product that belongs in every office with solid wood desks is dry dust cloths. These are great for easy and frequent cleanings without the use of chemicals, liquids, or sprays. This is the safest way to clean furniture on a regular basis, especially if your desk is an antique or has delicate features or special sentimental value.

Bag-A-Rags Reusable Wiping Cloths are very absorbent, made from lint-free cotton, and pre-washed so you can pull them out of the bag and get right to dusting. What we love about this product is it's made with 100 percent recycled materials, so you can feel good about using them.

They're also reusable, so you won't have to worry about unnecessarily contributing to landfill waste. It doesn't get much more eco-friendly than that!

3. Murphy Oil Soap

While dust cloths and sprays are great for quick touch-ups, sometimes your desk needs a more thorough cleaning to keep it looking its best. Murphy Oil Soap is a mild, vegetable-oil-based soap that is safe to use on solid wood desks. In fact, you can use it on wood paneling, wood floors, and other wooden surfaces all over your office too.

This is an ideal soap for cleaning up dirt and grease, and it's oh-so versatile.

Alternatively, some office cleaning specialists swear by soap flakes with warm water or a few drops of white vinegar diluted with water. Maybe worth a try if your bottle of Murphy's runs out halfway through a cleaning session!

4. Furniture Scratch Cover

Even the most cautious and gentle workers will get a scratch on their wood desks every once in awhile. This can easily happen while scooting a notebook off the edge, knocking over a pencil cup, or dropping a pen in just the wrong way.

For these situations and many more, fortunately, there are some very effective furniture scratch cover products on the market. It's important to thoroughly wash the affected area of wood with mild soap and water before using one of these products.

Old English Furniture Scratch Cover is ideal for small scratches in solid wood furniture, but perhaps not enough for large dents. Unsightly nicks and scratches don't stand a chance when you have this product in your office supply cupboard!

5. Wood Touch-up Kit

For more intense dents, gouges, and deep scratches, wood touch-up kits are recommended. You don't have to be a restoration specialist to use these types of furniture repair kits and fill and recolor the site of damage.

We recommend Master Caster's touch-up kit because of its effectiveness and versatility. You can use the kit on wooden desks, floors, cabinets, paneling, doors, and any other damaged wooden surface you see.

Inside the kit, you'll find a filler stick to make the initial repair and also a marker to stain, finish, and seal imperfections back to their original beauty.

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