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A Guide to Ergonomic Desk Chair Features

Is there anything worse than working long hours in an uncomfortable office chair? Ergonomic desk chairs allow you to work comfortably all day by helping you maintain good posture. But it can be hard to decipher all the jargon to find the office chair that best suits your needs.

That's why we've put together this brief glossery of ergonomic desk chair terms. Consider this guide an introduction to the world of ergonomic office furnture, and refer back to it as shop our office chair selection

Ergonomic desk chair features can be divided into three categories:

Basic office chair features
Reclining office chair features
Back support office chair features
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Basic Ergonomic Office Chair Features

Nearly every office chair will have these ergonomic features:
Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment: ergonomic desk chair feature

Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment

Quickly and easily raise or lower seat.

360 Degree Swivel: ergonomic desk chair feature

360° Swivel

Rotates chair a full 360°degrees in either direction.

Recommended Basic Office Chairs

HON® Volt® Series Task Chair
HON® Volt® Task Chair
Alera® Interval Series Swivel Task Stool
Alera® Interval Task Stool
BALT® Circulation Series Task Chair
BALT® Circulation Series Task Chair

Reclining Office Chair Features

These features control the rate and amount your office chair reclines.
Tilt: ergonomic desk chair feature


Back and seat tilt at same angle when reclining.

Knee Tilt: ergonomic desk chair feature

Knee Tilt

Pivot point loacated at from of chair so users can keep feet flat on the floor while recling.

Tilt Tension; ergonomic desk chair feature

Tilt Tension

Controls the rate and ease of reclining.

Synchronized Knee Tilt: ergonomic desk chair feature

Sychronized Knee Tilt

Back tilts a bit further than seat for a more relaxed recline. Back reclines at 2-to-1 ratio to seat.

Mid-Range Knee Tilt: ergonomic desk chair feature

Mid-Range Knee Tilt

Pivot point lies slightly aheead of center, allowing user to recline at a more relaxed angel than conventional tilt.

Dual Action Tilt: ergonomic desk chair feature

Dual-Action Tilt

Back and seat tilt independently.

Tilt Lock: ergonomic desk chair feature

Tilt Lock

Locks in chosen position when engaged.

Variable nchro-TiltSy: ergonomic desk chair feature

Variable Synchro-Tilt

Allows chair to tilt back freely or lock in five fixed positions. Also allows for chair to tilt forward for keyboarding.

Inverse Synchro Tilt: ergonomic desk chair feature.

Inverse Synchro-Tilt

Automatically regulates tilt tension to promote healthy circulation and reduce fatigue. Plus, the "zero tilt" seat keeps fleet flat on the floor while reclining.

Recommended Reclining Office Chairs

HON® ComforTask® Task Chair
HON® ComforTask® Task Chair

basyx® Mid-Back Leather Chair
basyx® Managerial Leather Chair
Alera® Epoch Series Fabric Mesh Multifunction Chair
Alera® Mesh Multifunction Chair

Back Support Office Chair Features

These features provide additional back support, foster good posture, and improve circulation.

Back Height Adjustment: ergonomic desk chair feature

Back Height Adjustment

Lift or lower chair back to move lumbar support where needed. lumbar support to alleviate back stress.

Seat Glide: ergonomic desk chair feature

Seat Glide Mechanism

Seat cushion glides forward and back, then locks in position.

Seat Depth Adjustment: ergonomic desk chair feature

Seat Depth Adjustment

Move seat closer or further away from chair back to reduce pressure on buttocks and thighs.

Posture Lock: ergonomic desk chair feature

Posture Lock

Allows user to adjust back angle independent of seat and lock in the position.

Asynchronous Control: ergonomic desk chair feature

Asychronous Control

Combines standard Tilt and Tilt Lock features, plus allows user to tilt forward for comfortable keyboarding.

Integral Lumbar Support: ergonomic desk chair feature

Integral Lumbar Support

Move lumbar support up or down to enhance comfort.

Multi-Task Control: ergonomic desk chair feature

Multi-Task Control

Adjust back and seat with lever to reducing fatigue in back and thighs.

 Dual Clutch Posture Control: ergonomic desk chair feature

Dual-Clutch Posture Control

Adjust seat and back independently with two levers.

Hip Pivot Motion: ergonomic desk chair feature

Hip Pivot Motion

Seat remains stationary while back adapts to body movements.

Recommended Back Support Office Chairs

Alera® EQ Series Ergonomic Multifunction Mid-Back Mesh Chair
Alera® Ergonomic Mid-Back Mesh Chair
Mayline® Comfort Series Executive High-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair with Cut-Out Feature
Mayline® Executive Office Chair

HON 7800 Series Universal Seating Mid Back Task Chair
HON 7800 Series Mid Back Task Chair

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