Environmentally-Friendly Office: 10 Money Saving Tips

Posted on January 13, 2010 by Frankye Robinson

The best environmentally-friendly office practices help you save money by conserving resources. Going green doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. OnTimeSupplies.com shows you ten eco-friendly tricks that are easy to implement, and are proven money-savers.

1. Boost the office recycling program.

Are you recycling? Encourage paper and packaging recycling in your office with strategically-placed recycling containers. You can also recycle toner cartridges, computers and other office equipment by sending it back to the manufacturers. Most brands even cover shipping costs.

2. Stop wasting paper.

"Think before you print" is the mantra in every office, but are you need to aggressively tackle paper waste to be truly environmentally-friendly. Are really saving as much paper as you can? Not if you aren't routinely printing on both sides of a page. Reduce your paper costs and your environmental footprint with a duplex printer.

3. Choose environmentally-friendly office supplies.

You'd be amazed at how many environmentally-friendly alternatives there are to common office supplies. OnTimeSupplies.com features a wide variety of eco-friendly office supplies on the Shop Green page, including earth friendly cleaning products, recycled office paper, eco-friendly office desks and more. Check out our Shop Green page for more, and stay away from products made from PVC, aluminum and Styrofoam whenever possible.

4. Buy wholesale office supplies in bulk.

Buying office supplies in bulk saves money and reduces your carbon footprint -- and ours. Bulk orders mean we make fewer deliveries and use less fuel.

5. Donate old office equipment.

Donating office equipment is environmentally friendly and makes great business sense. You get a free PR opportunity and a tax write-off, and your old equipment doesn't end up in a landfill. One great place to donate is the National Christina Foundation. They match old office computers with needy schools.

6. Make the switch to eco-friendly light bulbs?

Incandescent bulbs are on the way out. Have you made the switch to compact florescent bulbs yet? CFLs last longer and burn less electricity, making them environmentally-friendly and cost efficient.

7. Lower the thermostat at night.

Are you lowering the thermostat at the end of the day? You can save up to 10% on your energy expenses just by turning down the heat a few degrees every night.

8. Upgrade your office equipment.

Are you using environmentally-friendly office equipment? When you're ready to upgrade, look for the Energy Star logo. Energy Star rated business office equipment are guaranteed to use less energy, so they're environmentally-friendly and save money.

9. Set gadgets and equipment to sleep mode when not in use.

Are your gadgets and equipment in sleep mode when not in use?  Most newer equipment does this automatically, but if you're running an older machine, check out energy-saving software like PecoBOO.

10. Promote your environmentally-friendly office practices.

Are you promoting your efforts? Offer incentives for employees who cooperate and share your successes. Let everyone know how much the office has saved in energy, materials and money.

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Environmentally-friendly? Market your green business initiatives.
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