How to choose a surge protector

Posted on October 13, 2009 by Chase Murdey

A sudden power surge or spike can severely damage your electronics. Surge protectors absorb excess energy to regulate power and shield electronics from harm. Choosing the right surge protector can be the difference between a safe, secure workspace and an office filled with fried electronics. There are several important factors to consider when selecting your surge protector, and we've outlined them all in this simple guide.


Surge Protector Capacity

The number of devices you need to plug in determines the number of outlets you need, while cord length is dictated by your workstation layout. Power surges and spikes can enter electronics through power cordsphone linesDSL connections, or cable/coax connections. Auxiliary protection ensures all points of entry into your devices are completely shielded. Also keep in mind that high-draw devices like computers and multifunction copy machines may have special needs when it comes to surge protection.

Surge Protector Joule Rating

Joules measure how much energy a surge protector can absorb. The higher the joule rating, the greater the level of protection.

Surge Protector Warranty

Surge protection isn't just a precaution -- it's a promise! When used properly, surge protectors shield your electronics from harmful surges. A Connected Equipment Warranty stands behind that promise with pledges to repair or replace damaged equipment that was plugged into a covered Surge Protector.

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