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How to choose a monitor filter

Want to keep your onscreen data private? Looking to reduce the eyestrain associated with working at a computer all day? Monitor filters enhance privacy and ergonomics in the workplace. However, not all filters provide the same type of protection. This guide will help you find the monitor filter that best suits your needs.  

There are two factors to consider when choosing a monitor filter:

Screen Size: what size monitor filter do you need?
Monitor Filter Style: what type of protection do you need?

What size monitor filter do you need? 

Computer monitor filters are sized according to the diagonal distance of the screen (the amount of space between two opposite corners). To select the proper monitor filter, take a tape measure and measure from one corner to the other. You don't have to get the size right down to the millimeter. Monitor filter sizes are standard. Once you determine the approximate size of your screen, you should be able to choose from a list of filters that match it best.

How to measure your computer screen for a monitor filter

In addition to the diagonal measure, note whether or not the screen is standard or widescreen. Standard monitors are more like a square (though not perfectly square, the technical measurement is a 4:3 ratio), while widescreen monitors are much longer than they are tall (usually a 16:9 ratio).

Finally, monitor filters are available framed and unframed. Unframed monitor filters are the choice for laptops. 

What type of computer screen protection do you need?

Privacy Screens

Ergonomic Monitor Filters

Other Monitor Filters

Blackout Filters

Blackout Monitor FiltersTiny slats, or louvres, darken the screen to onlookers. Most blackout filters also dim screen glare.

Anti-Glare Filters

Anti-Glare Monitor FiltersDims the glare from reflected by light to improve screen visibility and eliminate eyestrain. 

Anti-Radiation Filters

Antiradiation Monitor FiltersOlder CRT monitors house a picture tube the generates electromagnetic radiation. Anti-radiation filters reduce that output. Today's LCD monitors produce very little radiation.

Blur Filters

Blur Moniter FiltersDistort screen image to onlookers.

Magnifying Filters

Magnifying Monitor FiltersIncreases image and text size on your monitor screen to reduce eyestrain.

Anti-Static Filters

Anti-Static Monitor FiltersReduces static charging. Unchecked, static charging can cause data loss and dust build-up. Less of an issue with LCD monitors.

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