Custom Rubber Stamp Guide

Order Custom Rubber Stamps OnlineCustom rubber stamps are a great convenience in any office, allowing you to quickly move through your paperwork. offers bargain prices on a great selection of custom self-inking stamps, pre-inked stams and date stampers.  This guide takes you through our custom stamp ordering process step-by-step.  

Step 1: Pick a custom rubber stamp legend.

At, you can:

  • Duplicate a rubber stamp you already have: just stamp the message on a blank piece of paper, and fax or mail it to us with your order.
  • Create a new custom rubber stamp: give us your imprint information with your order.
  • Create custom signiture stamps: sign three times on white, unlined paper with a black felt-tip pen. Sign ins actual size, and please don't underline. All signiture stamp orders must be mailed in.

Step 2: Choose a custom rubber stamp style.

Custom Self-Inking Stamps

Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps are designed for fast, repetitive stamping, and are perfect for offices with a large amount of paperwork requiring the same legend.

Custom Pre-inked Stamps

Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps cut down on messes, and work well in offices with occasional and frequent stamping needs.

Custom Date Stampers

Date Stampers

Date Stampers are designed to for offices that regularly dates materials. Great for rapid, repeat stamping.

 2000 PLUSĀ® Self-Inking Custom Stamps; Green Line

Eco Custom Ink Stamps

Eco-Friendly custom rubber stamps and inks are made from recyclable materials. Great for any office concerned about their environmental footprint. 

Step 3: Choose your custom ink stamp font.

Step 4: Choose your custom ink stamp color.

Red Ink Stamps  Purple Ink Stamps
Blue Ink Stamps Green Ink Stamps
Black Ink Stamps Red/Blue Ink Stamps

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Document printed / saved on 11/19/2017. Prices subject to change.