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How to choose your floor mops

Mopping a heavily trafficked area, or a seldom used corridor? Or do you need to refresh your floor finish? Floor mops are made in a range of styles and material designed to meet different needs. Choosing the right floor mop depends on a few factor:

How will you use your floor mop?
How often will you use your floor mop?
Where will you use your floor mop

Use this guide to find which floor mops will best suit your needs.

Style: how will you use your floor mops?

Dust Mop

Best as: alternative to brooms

  • less abrasive than brooms
  • pick up dust and fine debris
  • covers large areas quickly

Flat Floor Mop


Best for: damp mopping

  • more hygienic than wet mops
  • pick up more bacteria 
  • use less water
  • covers large areas quickly

Sponge Mop


Best for: mopping; applying finish

  • self-wringing
  • can not be used with bleach or ammonia
  • short lifespan

String Floor Mops


Best for: mopping, stripping & finishing

String mops are available in a range of styles that not equally suited to all tasks.

String Mop Styles


Best for mopping, stripping & finishing.

  • little fraying
  • durable
  • best coverage


Banded Floor Mops

Good for mopping, stripping & finishing.

  • reduced fraying
  • good coverage


Cut Floor Mops

Adequate for mopping & stripping.

  • economical
  • frays when laundered

Material: where will you use your floor mops, and how often?

Floor mops are available in a range of materials offering differing levels of durability, convenience and cleaning power.

Microfiber Mops

Best for: heavy use in high-traffic areas

  • most durable
  • fastest floor drying time
  • easiest to wring 
  • most cleaning power

Synthetic Mops

Good for: frequent use in high-traffic areas

  • durable
  • fast floor drying time
  • easy to wringing
  • more cleaning power

Blended Mops

Best for: moderate use in low traffic areas

  • less durable
  • adequate cleaning power 

Cotton Mops

Good for: occasional use in low traffic areas

  • most economical
  • least durable
  • least cleaning power

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