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How to choose your electric space heaters

Most electric space heaters emit the same maximum level of heat -- 1500 watts. That doesn't mean all heaters are equally suited to every room. Generally speaking, the larger the heater, the larger the room it is capable of heating. However, room size is not a good gauge of the type of heater needed. That's because two rooms of the same size may offer two completely different environments. One room may have better insulation, the other more windows. These factors and more effect how cold a room feels. Therefore, the most important factors in choosing a space heater are:

Heating Element: how powerful is the heater?
Heater Style: how far can it distribute warmed air?

This guide will show you which electric space heaters are best suited to your work environment.


Space Heater Elements


Ceramic Heaters

Ceramic plates warm air, then a fan blows it outward.


Radiant Heaters

Recognizable by its glow, a radiant heater warms the air directly in it.


Fan-Style Electric Space Heaters

As metal coils warm air, a fan distributes the heat outward.


Micathermic Heaters

Air is heated & circulated upwards.


Oil-Filled Heaters

Refined mineral oil is heated and the resulting warm air is circulated upward.

Space Heater Styles

Compact Heaters

Best electric space heaters for your desk

Small, portable & energy efficient.

Panel Heaters

Panel Heaters

Discreet, steady heat.

Tower Heaters

Tower-Style Electric Space Heater

Capable of heating larger areas.

Best space heaters for your work area

Personal Heaters

Small Office Heaters

Shared Space Heaters

Large Office Heaters

Shop Heaters

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