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How are binders measured? The Ultimate 3-Ring Binder Size Guide.

Posted by Frankye at On Time Supplies | Posted in How-To Guides | Posted on 19-06-2013-05-2008


How are binders measured?

“How are binders measured?” is a common customer question at On Time Supplies. Generally, what people are really asking is if a particular binder will be big enough for their presentation, or their archival documents, or their reference materials. So Office Ink is here to clear up the mystery of 3-ring binder sizing. Let’s clear up one thing first:  3-Ring Binders are measured by the ring diameter.  So this 1″ Avery View Binder  has 1″ binder rings, this Universal 4″ D-Ring Binder has 4″ rings, and so on.

Binder ring size is the first thing you need to know when determining if a binder is the right size for your project. Binder ring shape is the second. The most common are round rings, d-rings, and slant rings. Use the 3 ring binder size chart below to find out what size binders you’ll need for your project.

3 Ring Binder Size Chart

Round Ring Binders

Ring Size: Sheet Capacity:
½” 100 Sheets
1″ 175 Sheets
1½” 275 Sheets
2″ 375 Sheets
3″ 460 Sheets

D-Ring Binders

Ring Size Sheet Capacity
1″ 200-275 Sheets
1½” 350-540 Sheets
2″ 480-540 Sheets
3″ 600-670 Sheets
4″ 700-780 Sheets
5″ 1,300 Sheets

Slant Ring Binders

Ring Size Sheet Capacity
½” 120 Sheets
1″ 220 Sheets
1½” 375 Sheets
2″ 480 Sheets
3″ 600 Sheets
4″ 725 Sheets
5″ 975 Sheets

More 3-Ring Binder info.

You can find in-depth information about the different binder styles in our buying guide, but here are a few quick tips:

  • Round ring binders: most economical, and hold the fewest pages.
  • D-ring binders: sturdier than round rings, and hold the most pages per inch.
  • Slant ring binders: sturdiest of the lot, but hold fewer pages than d-ring binders.
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